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Classes VS Private Lessons

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Cheese and Rice! I’m here to educate you guys on classes vs private lessons. Classes have always been and always will be for the physically fit person. Private lessons are for someone looking for one-on-one attention and/or has movement restrictions and cannot participate in a class.

Wasn’t Pilates originally created for re-hab? Why yes, Pilates was originally designed for re-hab. Yes, Joseph created the equipment to re-hab people back to the anatomical state. And… NO! He did not intend the equipment to be used as GROUP CLASSES or for weight loss. He originally designed the equipment to be used one-on-one and people pay big bucks to get that special training. However, Woot Woot… we have adapted!!! We progressed the training and now do GROUP CLASSES on the Reformer…HOORAY!!! Where we can go beyond classical rehab Pilates and into Fat Sizzling, Muscle Toning, Group Classes.

What does this mean? We now train 2+ people in a group class and the programs have been adapted to fit the physically fit individual looking for a full-body workout to meet their health goals. Most group classes do not do the in-depth, highly attention for detail exercises that Joseph originally created for they are waaaaay too complicated to teach to a group class. We have simplified Joseph’s training and have made it to where we can teach to a group on the Reformer for the physically fit client and get in an amazing workout and help clients attain their health goals.

What this DOESN’T MEAN? We do not design the class for the specific individual. So, please stop coming into a GROUP class and asking if every portion of your body is in the correct position. Quit stopping class because you are not sure if you are feeling it correctly. It is a GROUP CLASS!!! If we stopped class for everyone’s specific needs, we wouldn’t be able to finish the exercise or even complete a class. We would be breaking down every exercise, which is supposed to be done in a PRIVATE LESSON!

So, if you do not want a group class on the Pilates Reformer where you are allowed to move freely, be able to modify as you see fit and know your body’s capabilities… THEN SIGN UP FOR A PRIVATE LESSON!!! Private lessons are geared towards the individual and can be made for weight loss, but typically are for rehab. That is why some clients can become confused with Pilates and its intentions. I have had many clients ask me why Pilates clients are not very fit. Well, I believe there are many reasons for why Pilates has the bad wrap of not having "fit" clients. Want to hear more about here!

Know that I have been dying to get this off my chest and I'm sorry that I'm not sorry if this offended you.


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