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How to Become a Bada$$ Bo$$lady

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Here it is, you have all read me mention Bada$$ Bo$$lady, but I haven't really explained what it means. Well in this blog I will not only tell you what BB means to me, but what it means to be one and how to achieve this status.

First off, let me introduce myself.

I usually sign-off at the end of my blogs as J. Well, who is J? Well, that's me! J is short for my nickname Lacy J and Lacy J is a nickname that was given to me back in early childhood. Lindsey Blanchard is my married name; Lindsey Ellen Chapman is my birth name. So hello, my name is Lindsey, but you can call me J or CRB which stands for Crazy Redheaded Bo$$lady, but that is what I use as my title for my businesses. Yes plural, businesses. I'm busy, but I still have time to be a Bada$$ Bo$$lady of my life. Want to know more about my boring BIO, check it out on my website:

Want to hear what the bio doesn't tell you?

I am a Crazy Redheaded Bosslady!

Am I really crazy?

Yes, yes I am. But aren't we all in some way?

Am I really a redhead?

Yes, I was an auburn gal, but now that I'm nearing 40, it's changing a bit... becoming a little lighter if you know what I mean.

Am I really a Bosslady?

Yes, DEFINITELY! I found out quickly in life that I do not like people telling me what to do. Call me rebellious or spoiled if you must, but I like what I like and if I don't want to do it... you betcha, I'm not doing it!

My workouts are by my design & I have applied only what I have found to be the most effective... and of course ones that I LOVE!

I design my fitness programs to work the entire body and use exercises that I LOVE! I am an avid believer of

Simple movements to get the ultimate results.

If you make it too challenging or too fancy four things could happen:

  1. Clients get confused

  2. More possibility of injury

  3. Movements are too fancy/difficult and most people cannot do them

  4. Clients get frustrated and quit the program

I have become so frustrated seeing all these videos of trainers doing these amazing exercises online. I mean, good for you chickadee... you can bet your toothpick a$$ I'm not going to try that and neither is the rest of us normal peeps.

I don't want to have to work really hard for my body. I just want a more natural, confident, healthy look in as little as 5 minutes a day and max 40.

I also don't like the image they portray online. It's always this super young hotty toddy or a middle-aged woman that looks way too ripped, fake and honestly too old to be looking that way.

I don't want to be a ripped 40-year-old walking around in a bikini. I want to be the 40-year-old mom that can pull off a 1-piece with maybe a rash guard with rouging on the side to help cover any bulge in my mid-section if I have one that day. YOU KNOW HOW IT GOES GIRLS!

One Day, we look good... the next, a little bulge!

That's life and I'm ok with it... and so should you!

If you are looking to get ripped, this is not the program for you!

I want to provide a program for all of us NORMAL people that don't have the time, money, or resources to invest in our looks for more than 10 minutes a day. That's really all you need with the little attention to food & water intake that works best for YOU.

I am definitely going to share my story, but I need you to know

My workout and health plan will be different than yours. I am just here to help you find out how to become your very own Bada$$ Bo$$lady.

For instance, I am an apple body. Do you know what that means? I hold weight in my mid-section. There are other body types:

  • Pear - lower body weight gain

  • Hourglass - upper and lower body weight gain while middle is fairly slim

  • Apple - (as mentioned above, gains weight in the mid-section)

  • Stick - stick either is slim all over or is big all over.

So, since I am an apple body type, I tend to really focus on twisting and later flexion exercises. I LOVE working the arms and bum too, even though I am a part of the NoBootyJudy club, I still like working the entire body. However, since I know my body and how to move in the most beneficial way for me, I know how to target my core even when I'm working another part of the body.

Interested in learning more, take my CORE class to learn what core muscles are the most important to engage, especially for an Apple Body

Don't worry, just because you are not an apple, doesn't mean this program won't work for you. As mentioned before, my basic program is a FULL-BODY program working all parts.

If you need more personalized program, just CLICK HERE to receive a more detailed program for you, your body type and your personal health goals

Why follow my blog?

Because I am brutally honest, I like to think I'm funny, I might curse a little (sorry, not sorry), my heart is in the right place, I will offer easy simple yet effective programs to follow at home, and

you will learn how to become your very own Bada$$ Bo$$lady.

Definition of Bada$$ Bo$$lady: Woman who has mastered her body & mind and created her very own fitness, mental, & health routine to give her the ultimate yet realistic results to enjoy a happy and successful life. CRB

Do I want you to become a super chiseled, super sculpted, fitness super model?

If you read above then you'd know my answer, Heck no!

That's not realistic. And besides, how freaking boring would that be? To constantly be worried about food intake & working out 2+ hours per day (that's at least what I think they do). Ain't nobody got time for that!!! I am not a model or movie star; therefore, it is not my job to workout and fit the "ideal" look in Hollywood.

I'd rather have a simple, attainable program that will get me ideal results to be a good looking 40-year-old fit-ish momma.

What are MY ideal results?

For me personally, I like to shoot to be between a size 6 & 8 for that fits my frame the best. If I get smaller than 6, I start to look too sickly in my opinion and my boobs start to leave. YIKES!

If I get bigger than an 8, I just don't feel good. I NEVER look at the scale... it's evil.

I focus more on how my clothes fit and how I feel. And... I've come to peace that I will never have 6 pack abs. I'll settle for 6 bites of chocolate and having a flat-ish tummy while I get to spend most of my days playing golf and spending time with my crazy kiddos.

Have you thought about what would be your ideal "realistic" body? I look forward to helping you find it!

How did I come up with my program?

I am a mom of 3 young boys, I own 2 businesses, along with 2 jointly with my hubs, and I like to stay super active. I get asked all the time, "How do you have time for it all?" Well, I don't. Or at least I didn't. I have always been running around like a chicken with its head cutoff, having all these new and wild ideas, trying to find that new and upcoming thing in the fitness world.

How many have succeeded?

I would say maybe a few out of 100's of ideas.

I have a go get'em kind of attitude and the key to most of my success is not giving a darn what other people think.

What I learned from most is all my failures and not being deterred by the haters. I'm ok with failure and ok with people judging me for it. If I allowed my hurt or embarrassed feelings get in the way, I would NEVER succeed!

I found out what doesn't work for myself as well as what doesn't work for others. In my failures, I found success... eventually lol. So now, I am sharing with the world, mainly my middle-aged women because that is whom I can relate, my secrets to

How to Become a Bada$$ Bo$$lady!

What is the Bada$$ Bo$$lady Program?

  • 10-minute full-body workouts 3-4 times a week, with brisk ENGAGED 20-30 min walks on days off.

  • 10 to 20-minute self-care (mental & physical)

Fun, easy-ish, full-body fitness programs that will get the great results in just 10 to 20-minutes a day.

Not EVERY day, just most days. I mean, I'm crazy, but I'm not bat$hit crazy! Ideally, you'd do them 3-4 times a week, with a 20 to 30-minute brisk walk on your days off.

I design movements from my background trainings in dance & Pilates but throw flare from experience in other fitness programs: Kickboxing, Vipr, Barre, Lagree, Piloxing, Yoga and more. And as mentioned above, my program is simple movements.

Most workouts will be just 10 minutes, with the option to repeat to make it 20 minutes. I will post the workout of the month for you to repeat throughout the month with options on how to make it harder or easier by either adding in small apparatus (or common household items if you don't have equipment) or cardio bursts.

Tid Bit: I usually only do cardio when I have been naughty on my food intake, or if I had a few adult beverages the night before. And I only do MAX 5 minutes unless I was super naughty... i add 5 minutes per naughtiness, lol :-).

I get the Fitness part, what's the Self-Care?

  • Food / Beverage Intake

  • Mental Growth

This is the hard part. I am posting content to the general public. I don't know you and I don't know your situation. But I would assume your goal is for weight loss or feeling good in your clothes.

My fitness program can only get you so far. If you are not eating right, then no program will really benefit you.

Do you think you are being kind to yourself if you drink sugary beverages every day? Or if you eat donuts every day? No, you're not. And this program cannot help you if you are not willing to make little sacrifices.

I'm not saying you have to give up ALL bad things.

I mean, I have a glass of red wine almost every night. I'm just saying, be kind to yourself and it'll be kind back.

You'll find more in-depth information in this blog!

Mental Growth!

There will be more blogs on this too, but for now... I would love for you to make time for you and things you like. Is it knitting? Reading? Blogging? Listening to Podcasts? Meditating?

Find at least 10 minutes a day to do something for you!!!

Since all my kiddos are still in grade school, I have made it a habit to wake up 45-minutes early so I may:

  1. Drink my lemon water

  2. Drink Coffee while I meditate & go over my schedule for the day

  3. Walk the dog while I listen to a 20-minute motivational podcast.

Then BOOM! I have done three things that make me: feel better, wiser and gets my head right for the day!

Now I have time for my kiddos and my job for I have already catered to myself. There are other steps to keeping my body in tip top shape (mentally & psychically) but the steps mentioned above are the start to a wonderful day in my life!


My list is my list. Will it be yours? I don't know. But what I do know, you need to be an adult and make your own decisions on what will work best for you!! Listen to your body!!!

Looking for our community? Join my J Pilates Montrose Facebook page so I may invite you to be a part of our Private Group Bada$$ Bo$$lady, where you may interact with fellow BB's, listen to their story, share your story and be a part of the BB community.

Please know that my J Fitness Programs are not going to be for everyone. That's ok. I do offer more personalized VIP Programs that can be a 7 Day Intensive or a 30-Day program to really create a PERSONALIZED program made specifically for YOU. You will receive:

  • Meet & Greet with J, me, via Zoom so I may learn all about YOU and your personal health goals.

  • Daily workouts designed specifically for YOU and your physical/mental needs that can be done right out of your home.

  • Day to Day Personalized Checklist

  • Check-ins & Motivational Communications to help keep you on track

  • Ending Consultation to go over progress & future success.


You have already taken the first step...

YOU made it this far in the blog. Now for the fun part... MAKE A SIMPLE PLAN! Next Blog will lay out the backbone to get you started!!!

My final tidbit on this post... and THANK YOU for making it this far. I look forward to growing this blog and being able to share all my years of fitness wisdom with YOU! I also look forward to meeting all of you wonderful ladies that are ready to take charge of your life and get a good healthy workout program into your daily routines. Please drop comments, introduce yourself... I cannot wait to hear your story!


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