Our Story

J Pilates Teacher Training was created by Lacy J back in 2016 when she started her very first brick and mortar.  The studio had one Pilates Reformer studio and a mixed Fitness Group Class studio.  Lacy J started to search for other Pilates Instructors, but came up short of finding someone to help her take on the work load in the Pilates studio.  She found plenty of amazing Fitness instructors, but none had any type of Pilates Equipment background.  So she decided to give her instructors the opportunity to train in the method of Pilates... Lacy J Style!
Due to the fact that Lacy J only needed to teach the instructors how to teach in a class setting and not detail to injury Private Lessons right away, she decided to take out a few exercises and concepts and add some of her own flare to adapt what she had found to be successful throughout her years of training.  J Pilates Instructor trainings Level I is designed to get the instructor prepped & ready to teach a full-body Pilates based workout with correct form and the ability to modify for beginner to advance client.  The program focuses on common exercises, misalignments and minor injuries that are commonly found in a class setting & gives the instructor the tools needed to teach a full-body multi-level class.
After the first few rounds of trainees, Lacy J found that her training was something she could continue and grow beyond her own brick and mortar.  Help other instructors get a start in their own hometown with the basics to teach a Pilates based class.  With the training, J Pilates Instructors have opportunities to continue their education with further trainings and certifications through J Pilates with the option to AFFILIATE.
Now at every J Pilates affiliated location you will find an instructor whom has completed at least Level I J Pilates Training, which gives them the knowledge and skills to teach a Pilates Method lesson with the flare of Lacy J.