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The Secret to my new ME!

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

For those who know me, my mid-section has been my problem area my entire life. I would workout at least 5 times a week and still have a soft belly. I mean, I am still soft, but it doesn't bulge NEAR as much anymore and I am here to tell you how I achieved this in just a few simple steps.

***In the photos: left column is my belly before my new BB system. To the right is me now. I'm not a supermodel by any means, but I FEEL GOOD!!!***

I am 40 years old, have had 3 children, and I haven't felt this good, nor have I felt more in-charge of my life. Sure, I go up and down 5-10 lbs (especially around my period), but for the most part... If I want to look good for an event, I can do it in 3 days now with my new routine.

Let me just point out first...

This is MY JOURNEY, and it has definitely worked for me. Will it work for you? I don't know, maybe. Maybe just one fraction of my journey will help you find your new YOU. Maybe none of it will. I have no clue. But if you can take anything away from this post, then I will be a happy Bada$$ Bo$$lady.

But as ALWAYS: consult your physician before attempting anything new or any suggestions on this page or any other page associated. I am NOT a doctor, and I am especially not your doctor. I am just sharing my journey and my program with you in hopes that maybe it might spark some inspiration but am by no means telling you what to do.

Okay, let's get to the good stuff....

Here's my BASIC OUTLINE of my NEW ROUTINE & How I became a Bo$$lady of my mental & physical health:

  • 8oz Lemon Water

  • 10-20 Minute Meditation

  • Take Prebiotic & Probiotic Vitamins

  • Educate Myself - reading or listening to a Podcast

  • Drink around 60 oz of water MINIMUM throughout the day

  • Eat between 10am - 6pm

  • Avoid Dairy!

  • Avoid Sugar!

  • Minimum 20 minutes of walk/jog, or Max 40 min Pilates or HIIT.

That is literally it!!!

That is the main focus of my day each day. Soooo simple!!! And I look like this even though I still eat tons of carbs, fat, and have the occasional glass of wine or cocktail:

Again, not striving for a super model bod... just want to feel good in my clothes!

Here is a dive a little deeper into MY schedule!

  • The lemon water cleanses my system and literally re-hydrates me first thing in the morning. I try to do an entire lemon with minimum 16oz of water.

  • Don't let the word meditation scare you. My meditation is one of the following: A) Sitting in a chair with my MUST HAVE black coffee and go over my schedule for the day making lists of what I have to accomplish. or B) Going on a walk with my dog and listening to a good vibe music to clear my mind and pump up my body.

  • My pre & probiotic help my gut stay healthy and keeps a good flow with my bowels. **Please consult a physician before doing any of these recommendations** My pre & probiotic that I use is: Align. Women's Health Prebiotic + Probiotic

  • Education. It's what you are doing right now right? The more we learn the more powerful we become. I enjoy reading up on Pilates, common injuries, new fitness trends, etc. If I am not researching and reading, I'm listening to Podcasts to either motivate or teach me how to become the best version of me.

  • Drinking water all day is a MUST to stay hydrated. I try to get MINIMUM 60 oz all day. Try this SUPER COOL water bottle to help you stay hydrated and super hip ;-)

  • My intermittent fasting helps me keep me from having a crash in the middle of the day and allows me to focus on what I WANT/NEED to get done in the morning. I love breakfast food, but if I eat first thing in the morning, I crash mid-day. **consult with your doctor before attempting any diet changes. I am not a dietician**

  • I avoid dairy for it makes me flatulent, itchy and sometimes breaks me out in hives. I literally dropped 8 pounds in 5 days when I quit all dairy. I'm an honest believer that most dairy is more harmful than good.

  • I avoid extra sugar consumption during the day for I know I'll probably have 1 to 2 adult beverages at night (which is loaded with sugar.) But, because I do intuitive eating, I know now that sugar just makes me a raging B!tch! I feel horrible afterwards, it gives me a headache and gas. It's NOT FUN!!!

  • Minimum 20 minutes of exercise. If I had a high carb day, which I do most days, or had some chocolate/dessert, I'll add additional HIIT or cardio to my day to keep the waistline at bay. If I eat pretty good, then a good walk or just traditional Pilates will work perfectly with what my body needs to stay healthy. Need some Online classes to follow? Try some of these: J Pilates Montrose

My schedule is not that crazy!

However, I have to take the time to do all of it. I am responsible for my decision to wake up and check off all these items on my list. If I don't do it, there is no one else to blame but myself. If you are looking for a more IN-DEPTH outline of my routine & help making a personalized one for you, then signup for my 1, 7, or 30 Day VIP Bada$$ Bo$$lady.

Did my list seem a little off for you? Are you not capable of giving up breakfast? I totally get it, and here's some alternative suggestions to help make it work better for your lifestyle:

  • Eat your normal routine but make a valiant effort to not eat 2-3 hours before bed.

  • Shoot for just 5 minutes a day of exercise. 5 minutes is better than ZERO. Here's a link to my easy-ish 5-Minute workouts.

  • If you are a sugar nut, try to cut back by 1/2. Meaning if you have 4 cokes a day, try to only have 2.

  • If you have problems remembering to drink water, invest in a super cool water bottle that you can tote around with you all day. Like the one I mentioned earlier.


If I were to help you start VERY SIMPLE and do a more manageable routine, this would be it:

  • Water

  • Meditation

  • 20-minute exercise (at least 3 x's a week, but no more than 6. Give yourself a day)

The main focus of this schedule is to start simple. If you go too fast or try to make drastic results, it probably won't work because you'll either get overwhelmed or fizzle out because you lost your dedication. Believe me, I've done diets, fads, routines for years. They always fade if you go too fast and too much. You have to start small and be reasonable with yourself. Try adding those 3 into your daily routine for 15 days, then sprinkle in No Unnecessary Sugar (candy, donuts, cokes, etc... but I don't give up my glass of wine, I'm not a monster) Then once you master that, add in some reading or entertainment time.

You don't have to do ALL the steps in My Schedule.

That's just it, that's MY SCHEDULE. You just have to be your own Bada$$ Bo$$lady and know what steps in YOUR schedule that will work best for you and your personal goals. I can't tell you for I don't know you, I don't know your body and I don't know your body type. I do hope you join our Facebook page and or join the 1 Day Personalized Body Type Program to get the most out of your schedule listed BELOW!

Thank you for reading and taking the NEXT STEP of becoming a Bada$$ Bo$$lady. If you missed my first post about my program and what I am all about, then CLICK HERE.

If you want more information personalized specifically for you, I offer a 1 Day, 7-day or a 30-day program that will lay it all out for you in detail and give you the tools and itinerary just specifically for YOU!

The 1 Day Program is an AMAZING program!! You get to choose which program will work best for you and YOUR body type:

Apple - gain weight in mid-section (that includes the bra-line)

Pear - gain weight in the hips, booty, thighs

Hourglass - gains weight in arms, bra-line, hips, booty and thighs. Tummy tends to be slimmer

Stick - EITHER can't gain weight/muscle anywhere or gains weight everywhere.

Once you click on the appropriate body type that fits you, then you will receive:

  1. 3 HIIT programs designed specifically for your body type

  2. CORE workshop that will tell you in detail how to target your trouble areas not only during workout, but during everyday activities.

  3. 30-minute ZOOM call to meet, greet, go over short/long term goals, equipment in your home to incorporate into your HIIT programs, and suggested workout routines to hit YOUR goals!

Here's a little video that will give you more insight on what you will get out of the 1 Day Program:

But as always, this is just a suggestion and please acknowledge I am not a doctor or nutritionist. Please consult your personal physician before attempting to make any changes in your routine, especially if you have any ailments.



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