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How to Build a Home Fitness Studio

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Hey BB's! I will always stand by that GOING TO YOUR LOCAL GYM should be your first choice because:

  • It'll support your Local Gyms

  • You'll be held accountable by your local instructor

  • You'll get LIVE / IN-PERSON instruction

  • You'll have someone WATCHING YOU to assist with form

  • You can just use the studios equipment, no need to buy your own

However, if that is not an option for you, or you would like additional workouts to do at-home on days you can't make it to the gym... then here you go:

Ready to build a simple HOME FITNESS STUDIO that will allow you to get the most out of my program? Well, look no further. This page has links to simple HOME equipment to use during YOUR program to become the BEST Bada$$ Bo$$lady!

First, let's start simple. Are you capable of going onto the floor during a workout? As in...

How mobile are you?

If you perform all the BEGINNER stages of most exercises and prefer not to go onto the floor, then skip this section.

If you are NOT restricted in movement and would like to perform the ground exercises and do not have access to a soft surface (carpet, rug, grass outside), then...

Here are my TOP 3 floor mats I recommend for at home use:

  • Manduka Pro Light Yoga Mat. I love this mat and I have NEVER felt guilty about splurging on Manduka products. Manduka makes great mats that are durable, non-slip, 4.7mm in thickness making it right in the middle of thickness. They have other thickness, but I find the 4.7mm to be just enough for joint support without being too thick!

  • JadeYoga Harmony Mat. Another great option that is a little less in price, but still a great mat that will give you amazing support, non-slip and natural materials. Big selection of colors!! JadeYoga is a great company!

  • Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Yoga Mat. Another super fun yoga mat that is made by another amazing company that makes other great yoga products HUGGER MUGGER. This mat is thick, non-slip and made in Taiwan. Super fun colors to choose from and will give you extra support for your joints.

There are several CHEAPER versions out there, but if you are serious about becoming a Bada$$ Bo$$lady, you'll need a durable, reliable mat for home use to keep you comfortable during your floor routines and that will last a long time!

Next on the list...

Small Apparatus

I honestly believe that KETTLE BELLS are the most diverse and useful piece of equipment. If you are only going to invest in one thing, I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kettle Bells! They

may be used instead of the following:

I bought this set for my Fitness Studio and I would recommend these all day long for they give you 3 different weight options and a stand:

So, for instance, instead of holding onto two 2lb hand weights in each hand, you may simply cradle the kettle bell and do bicep curls, shoulder press, chest press and more with the kettle. There are of course some exercises you can only do with hand weights, but you can simply replace hand weights with bottle waters or canned goods.

If you are in need of a heavier set of Kettlebells, the same company YaheeTech offers bigger sizes:

**depending on your body, strength and fitness goals will depend on how heavy I recommend you should go. I do believe we as women need heavier weight training 2x's a week in order to really maintain our muscle tone and bone density, however... if you go too heavy you can jeopardize your form and completely ruin your body. If you need assistance in finding out what weights you should be using, I HIGHLY recommend you sign-up for the 1, 7 or even 30 Day Personalized Programs**

If you do want to invest into some hand weights, I first recommend you search your local Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone local is just giving them away. But, if you'd rather own your own, here's some I recommend:

3lb, 5lb, & 8lb. If you go any lighter, you might as well use bottled water or canned goods. If you go any heavier, then you can buy some that are heavier although I'd rather just recommend you go slower and more controlled movement.

Weighted Balls. Again, if you already invested in Kettle Bells or Hand Weights, there's no need for weighted balls. However, here's some that I would recommend if you just insist:

Set or Singles 4lb or 6lb. They are non-toxic and easy grips. I like using in my studio only because they are soft, and I feel more comfortable having clients use them between knees for weighted core work or while holding overhead. if they accidentally drop them, it wouldn't hurst as much as a kettlebell:-/

Bands! Bands! Bands!

Bands are another piece of equipment that I think are AMAZING! If you don't want to purchase bands, a good household alternative is using old UNDERWEAR or old pair of SHORTS that have an elastic waistband. However, here's a great set that I use in my studio and would recommend:

3 Booty Bands! They are a little wider so even my clients that have more of a PEAR body can get them over their legs and they come in 3 different resistances. Bands can be used for:

  • Booty Work

  • Core Work

  • Bicep Work

  • Tricep Work

  • Deltoid Work

And then my FINAL piece, but not LEAST... Small Core Ball!!! You definitely DO NOT need to purchase one because you can simply replace it with a pillow. However, the pillow WILL NOT give you the support that a Core Ball will. Here's what we use in the studio:

Small Core Ball. It is small, it supports, and it comes in sooo many colors.

In Conclusion...

You definitely do not need to purchase any new equipment to begin your journey to becoming a Bada$$ Bo$$lady. However, if you would like to add some spice to your current simple home workouts, I'd recommend starting with these three and in this order:

  • Kettle Bells

  • Core Ball

  • Resistance Bands

Remember, I cannot see you during your home workouts unless you setup a Personalized Program to where I can mentor, instruct and help you get the most out of your program. I am not wanting to have you using me ALL the time. If you are dedicated to becoming the BEST version of you, then all you would need is the 1 Day VIP BB for just $29.99. It includes:

  • 30-Minute Consultation via Zoom. I get to meet you, learn your goals, learn your skill level and what apparatus you have at home to use.

  • 3 Personalized Programs SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU!! I will use the information learned in our consultation to develop 3 Fitness Routines that will target your Body Type and get you the ULTIMATE RESULTS. You will receive these programs in written and video form.

  • Access to my CORE class so you may learn how to activate your INNER FURNACE and burn the ULTIMATE amount of calories during your workouts & everyday life.

The information you will learn can be used for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. It will help you learn how to activate your trouble areas and get the most of your workouts without KILLING yourself in the gym.

There's BIGGER packages that will give you MORE Fitness Programs and more personalization as in:

  • Daily Check-Ins/Motivations

  • Live ZOOM Private Lessons

  • Specific Schedule Outlines for YOU!

Thank you for making it this far on the page, I'm so excited to help you get your IDEAL body and feel HEALTHY and IN-CONTROL of your BODY & MIND!

Have a wonderful day,


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