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5 Minute On-The-Go Workout

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Hey all you Busy Bumblebees...oh wait, that's not what BB's stand for. Oh yea, that's right, Bada$$ Bo$$ladies!!! I wanted to quickly share with you a super easy workout to do on days that you either

  • Just need a pick-me up and not a lot of time to work out

  • That extra workout from being naughty on your food intake

  • Traveling and don't have access to a clean soft open area to get your HIIT on!!!

What you will need... just open space to be in a wide plie position. Here's a breakdown to the 5 minute on-the-go workout:

To setup, get in a Wide Pilates V (or second position in ballet) and try to hold as deep as you can in your plie the entire 5-minutes. (Plie means to bend your knees. Like a squat, but your toes and knees are turned out)

**to make this more intense, you may add light hand weights into your hands and or do this in releve (releve means lift your heels off the ground and do this on your toes)

**to make this less intense, limit your ROM (range of motion), take breathers, or only do 30 seconds of each

  1. 1 min: Rib Cage Isolations with arms out in a T position (Ribcage isolations, just move your torso side to side without moving your lower body) Tid Bit: try to keep arms level with shoulders

  2. 1 min: Twisting Punches. (Keep your lower body isolated as you twist at the waistline and punch one arm forward at a time.) Tid Bit: go at a faster pace to get the heart rate up.

  3. 1 min: Side Bend Right. (Keep your lower body isolated as you dip your right hand behind your right knee with your left hand behind your head.) Tid Bit: you may extend your left hand towards the ceiling.

  4. 1 min: Side Bend Left. (Keep your lower body isolated as you dip your left hand behind your left knee with your right hand behind your head.) Tid Bit: you may extend your right hand towards the ceiling.

  5. 1 min: Alternate Side Bends. (Keep your lower body isolated as you dip your left hand down behind your left knee and then switch to dip your right hand down behind your right knee.) Tid Bit: you may speed it up if you want to get the heart rate up.

And there you have it...quick, not super easy, but quick and you can do this all while standing. Personally, I always take it that extra mile and add another 2 minutes at the end with 1 minute of counter-top push-ups and followed by 1 minute of Dead Lifts (with or without weights)

Thank you for subscribing and taking the FIRST STEP of becoming a Bada$$ Bo$$lady. If you want more information personalized specifically for you, I offer a 1-day, 7-day or a 30-day program that will lay it all out for you in detail and give you the tools and itinerary just specifically for YOU!

But as always, this is just a suggestion and please acknowledge I am not a doctor. Please consult your personal physician before attempting to make any changes in your routine, especially if you have any ailments.

Hope you enjoy!


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